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  • Ritz Protecting the Pumpkin Patch

    Ritz the pumpkin stem picker was walking up the driveway to the farm when he spotted something big in the distance. Was it Bigfoot he wondered? Was it a giant rabbit? What was it wondered Ritz?! The big object wasn’t moving…. Was it a tree stump? So Ritz tipped toed closer and closer. Tip toe, tip toe like a little mouse. Ritz was going to figure out what was on his property…. As he moved closer, he recognized the intruder! It was the grand daddy of all ground hogs!!!!! ”Big Mac” ! Ritz had heard all about Big Mac. He was a legend in these parts, but he had never seen him up until now! What was Ritz going to do? He was not going to back down or was he? Ritz was not going to back down! Legend or no legend, he was not going to let this intruder steal his pumpkin stems! Ritz let out a big 10 week old puppy bark and pounced! Big Mac never saw him coming. As Ritz leaped forward Big Daddy Mac ran like a scared little rabbit into the hole in the barn. Now who’s the legend!

  • Pumpkin Stem Picking by: Ritz

    Ritz is our new English Setter puppy. He is already in training to pick the perfect stem for your handmade pumpkin!

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